Freud Reia, co-founder & original guitarist, died 5/31/15

Freud, co-founder of the Criminals, passed away May 31, 2015, in Austin, Texas. Here he is at Epicenter Records 20 years ago. Take care, old friend.


Freud playing at Epicenter Records in SF, CA in the mid-1990s

Freud playing at Epicenter Records in SF, CA in the mid-1990s


It’s true: The Criminals are being buried for the 2nd time.

It's our last show EVER, with GREAT APES opening & JELLO BIAFRA spinning records!

It’s our last show EVER, with GREAT APES opening & JELLO BIAFRA spinning records!

We were first around 1994-2000, and then were resurrected to play 1-2-3-4-Go!’s annual festival in 2012. Since then we’ve had a blast reconnecting with old fans and making new ones up and down the West Coast and- memorably- out at the 2012 Fest in Gainesville.

For this final show we’re joined by our friends Great Apes from San Francisco and honored to have Jello Biafra spin records before, between, & after the bands.

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There are only TWO bands, so blink and you’ll miss it!

Look out Oakland- we’re BACK First Friday in August!

Not only are we storming the stage again, but we’re doing so with the Harrington Saints and the return of Alameda’s finest, Sharp Objects (including that one guy from The Briefs, hint hint)!

Night Light 8-1-14

Harrington Saints, Criminals, Sharp Objects at the Night Light!

Start the summer RIGHT with THE MEATMEN & THE CRIMINALS!

We’re back with a special one-time appearance with Hurricane Markley on drums for this excellent show at Eli’s Mile High Club in Oakland!

THE MEATMEN  featuring Tesco Vee, the Dutch Hercules!



$12/21+ all killer, no filler!

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CANCELLED! April brings golden showers in Oakland!

UPDATE: We’ve got a broken bone (no, not that one you jerk) so we’re cancelling this April show. Stay tuned for a special June return with a one-time appearance with Hurricane Markley!


We’ll be spending the rest of April and all of May trying to get the piss out of our rubber sheets, so this is our last show until summer time!

Come party with us in the East Bay (“Pig Latin for Beast!”) at the Night Light!

Criminals- Nightlight 4-10-14

FREDDIE & THE AZTECS features folks from NUISANCE, PEECHEES, and half a dozen others.

PRE-LEGENDARY features folks from JOHN HENRY WEST, SALEM LIGHTS, VETIVER, PAPERCUTS, and half a dozen others.

Not only will there be 3 bands for you to rock out to, there’ll be DJ Stand-In, who’s been banging his head against the garage and the punk rocks since you were in short pants!

$7, 21+, not wheelchair accessible, sorry!

St. Paddy’s day Punk Bash XIV with The Criminals, La Plebe, & Arnocorps!

DOORS at 3:30, 1st band at 4:30 PM!
LA PLEBE  –  11:55pm  (headliner)
POLISKITZO  (from Los Angeles)  –  10:15pm
NIHILIST CUNT  –  7:30pm
ARNOCORPS  –  6:10pm
THE RINDS  –  5:20pm
DIRTY DENIM  –  4:30pm
Doors open at 3:30pm  /  Show at 4:30pm  /  Over at 1:00am  –  EARLY START!
$12.00 Admission  /  21+

The Criminals in San Francisco on Fri, 2/21/14

Kick off 2014 wrong with The Criminals & VKTMS in Frisco!

We’re invading Baghdad by the Bay with VKTMS (the legendary 1978 SF punk band) and The Rinds! We haven’t played SF for 2 years, so don’t blink or it’ll be 2016.

Not only that, but the last time we played with VKTMS it was 1995 and you were probably still sucking your mom’s tit. (I know I was!)

Friday January 17, 2014

Start off 2014 with friends and enemies alike at the Hemlock on Polk Street. It’s 21+ so bring your fake ID!

Facebook event page with the mostest!

The other Facebook event page with the mostest!

1st show in 2013 next week!

Eli’s Mile High Club is the place, Saturday October 26, 8pm is the date & time.


There is an excellent SECRET HEADLINER and opening is CULTURE ABUSE, a new band with ex-DEAD TO ME & ALL TEETH members- so there’s no reason to miss out!

You can buy tickets here- $12 and there will be very few at the front door. 21+ doors at 8pm, CULTURE ABUSE promptly at 9pm.