The Mayor issued a statement this weekend asking for any information leading to the apprehension of the band of CRIMINALS that terrorized the nation for the past five years. Known so far: the band rose from the ashes of BLATZ and THE GR’UPS along with other misdemeanors including the HI-FIVES, RED #9, four previous EPs and a full length album out on Lookout Records. This reporter saw THE CRIMINALS live in action, they stormed the stage in an automatic¬≠caliber of speed angst and caused a riot of their very own. It was over before I had time to call 911. So, if you get a chance, catch them before the police do.

Members (past and present):
Freud Reia, Mike Sexxx, Brady Baltezore, Jesse Luscious, Julie Thorn, Claudia Bitter, Zac Attack, Dan Grr, Ross, Snapper, Momo, Markley, Nice Guy Brandon…

Record Labels:
Recess, Lookout, FOAD, Adeline, Hairhurt, Rhetoric, and now Dead Broke!