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The final release from The Criminals, recorded with the last line-up (Mike Sexxx, Jesse Luscious, Julie Thorn, and Zach Attack) after returning from our Blanks 77/LES Stitches tour in 1999. 8 songs, including 3 new originals and 1 AC/DC cover unavailable elsewhere, and 4 tougher, rougher, hi-octane versions of older Criminals tunes. Includes the only Criminals version of “East Coast Funeral” (now performed by The Frisk).
1. East Coast Funeral
2. Stopgap Ending
3. 30 Miles
4. A Finer Education
5. Tomorrow’s Too Late
6. The Angry Ouija Board…
7. You Stupid Fuk
8. You Shook Me All Night Long