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Burning Flesh And Broken Fingers
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Adeline Records 4
Released 1998
Second full-length from Jesse Luscious (Blatz, Gr’ups, Frisk), Mike Sexxx (Frisk), Brady (Aborted, Black Cat Music), and Julie Thorn (Hi-Fives, Red#9, Clay Wheels)! Thirteen riot-ready songs of ripping, against-it punk rock from these East Bay shit-stirrers. Totally loud, ultimately angry, and unusually fucked.

1. The Angry Ouija Board Has Sent Us to Destroy the City of Berkeley California So Run For Your Fucking Life
2. Tomorrow’s Too Late
3. State Sponsored Slaughter
4. I’m Vintage Baby
5. Five Years On
6. Zarah’s Got a Brand New Bag
7. Union Yes
8. Scene Monkey
9. Monomania
10. Fuck You All
11. You Were Cute But You Got Ugly Again
12. Corruption
13. Whiskey Business